English parliament, anyone?

One question that never quite reaches the critical mass to be debated seriously, but never goes away, is that of an English parliament. In a big new study on all things English, YouGov polled this for the BBC and found 41 per cent supporting one and 23 per cent opposing one. You can read more on the study here.
We also have some polling and analysis from Opinium’s “political tribes” segmentation, including who wants what from Brexit. Overall, “EEA with restrictions” is the most broadly acceptable (57 per cent).
BMG has published the findings of its internal analysis of its 2017 election polling. Key issues it identifies were around the turnout filter (as was the case with other pollsters) and also the effect of the compressed fieldwork period on the sampling.
How does polling contribute to a free an democratic society? I joined Rebecca Lowe and Lee Rowley for the Freer podcast last week – you can hear is here with iTunes.
And finally, Roger Scully has done some analysis of electoral systems in Wales.
There might be some Number Cruncher polling coming up today…

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