Number Cruncher Politics is a non-partisan blog focussed on UK psephology, statistical analysis, opinion polls and politics. Its philosophy is simple – to provide insightful analysis and accurate predictions. NCP's credits include:

  • Predicting the industry-wide opinion polling failure at the 2015 UK general election in advance
  • The most accurate known model-based prediction, and the only one to predict the Conservative Party to win more than 300 seats
  • The most accurate regional dispersion model for the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum, of those analysed by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight
Matt Singh (Number Cruncher Politics)
NCP’s founder is Matt Singh, whose articles have been published by the Times, Bloomberg, the New Statesman and the London School of Economics and Political Science, and who has been a guest on Bloomberg Television and Polling Matters. He is based in London and tweets at @MattSingh_.
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The Times, 9th May 2015:

Matt Singh (Number Cruncher Politics) predicted opinion polling failure
Number Cruncher Politics, 6th May 2015:
Matt Singh (Number Cruncher Politics) predicted opinion poll failure