TUC Polling on Racism in the Labour Market

On behalf of the TUC, Number Cruncher has conducted the largest ever UK study of BME people in the workplace.

The sample frame was BME adults aged 18 to 64, UK-wide, whose ILO Economic activity was employed (including self-employed) or unemployed having previously worked, and who are not currently in full-time education.

Crossbreaks, including those for individual ethnic groups, will have larger margins of error than a full-sized poll. Very small crossbreaks – specifically those with unweighted subsamples smaller than 50 – are included for completeness but are not statistically reliable.

Tables are available here and the TUC’s report is available here.

On behalf of the Trades Union Congress, Number Cruncher Politics interviewed 1,750 BME workers aged 18-64 in the UK. Interviews were completed online between 1 Feb and 1 May 2022. Responses were weighted to the profile of BME workers aged 18 to 64, UK-wide. Image credit: Mine Finn (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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