ITV Peston Policing Polling

Number Cruncher’s latest polling for ITV Peston looks at attitudes to policing and voting intention, among ethnic minorities and the population as a whole.

Crossbreaks, including those for some individual ethnic groups, will have larger margins of error than a full-sized poll. Very small crossbreaks – specifically those with unweighted subsamples smaller than 50 – are included for completeness but are not statistically reliable.

Tables are available for the full sample here and for ethnic minority respondents only here.

On behalf of ITV, Number Cruncher interviewed 2,001 adult (18+) UK residents online between 21st and 27th February 2022. The sample included 1,001 white respondents and 1,000 ethnic minority respondents. White and ethnic minority subsamples were each independently weighted to the profiles of their respective subpopulations, from which nationally representative figures were derived based on the combined sample, weighted to representative proportions.

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