Daily polling roundup 24rd March

YouGov's fieldwork for tomorrow's Sun was after David Cameron's interview yesterday, but mostly before today's press coverage. They found that a majority (55%) of respondents thought he was right to rule out a third term. Their toplines show the Conservatives and Labour tied once again, but now on 35%, the first time YouGov has found the two largest parties at this level or higher since 19th August:

Which highlights the ongoing trend back towards the two largest parties:

We'll also get the ComRes/Daily Mail phone poll at midnight (update 00:03 – yet another tie!):

Elsewhere, following yesterday‘s Scottish poll, I’ve posted an update on the situation there – not much change, with the SNP still heading for a landslide:
Westminster voting intention in Scotland
We also got an EU referendum question from YouGov, which showed the biggest net “in” since they started asking the question in its current form. The “renegotiated terms” question showed a slight narrowing, but still points to an almighty landslide for “in”.

The BBC announced details of its “first fully digital” election coverage, which seems to have a strong emphasis on technology and younger voters. Separately, we also got to see footage of the TNS/BBC focus group of “disillusioned” voters in Watford.

And finally, I’ve mentioned my admiration before for candidates and campaigners in all parties that take to the streets in appalling weather. Given the length of this campaign 2015 might just have seen the worst campaign trail weather since February 1974. Here’s what Todd Foreman was faced with in sunny Somerset NE earlier:

Tomorrow we get the daily YouGov/Sun online poll and Survation’s monthly for the Daily Mirror.

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