All change

Lord Ashcroft had an interesting report entitled "All change" out over the weekend, including a large sample poll (see his writeup in the Telegraph and the full report). The fundamentals questions show a similar pattern to other research – the Conservatives have a huge lead over Labour on leadership and also lead on all policy areas apart from health and social care (where Labour lead) and education (where the two main parties are tied). Labour did better on the “fairness” questions, the Tories on the “competence” questions, a familiar pattern.
On Brexit, voters prioritise immigration controls over single market membership (42-34). As ever, how things are presented makes a big difference, but Leave voters seemed slightly more concerned about budget payments than other possible compromises, while Remain voters were much more concerned about trade.
The report is well worth reading in full and has lots of detail, including analysis of switchers between parties, strength of attachment and some focus groups in different parts of England, all done last month.
We didn’t get a YouGov poll last week, so we may get one today…

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