Daily polling roundup 8th April

Today we got one national poll, with YouGov for The Sun showing a close race once again, Labour with their noses just in front. YouGov’s fieldwork would have been split before and after the Labour non-dom policy announcement, so it would have had some chance to have an effect, but there may be some left to come. We’ll see over the coming days.

We also got the latest batch of Lord Ashcroft’s marginals polling, this time revisited ten red-blue marginals:

The average swing was 2%, the smallest yet, but because these seats were chosen for their relatively small swings, the average swing may be slightly misleading. That said, when Ashcroft last polled these seats (in most cases last October) the average was 2.6%, so the overall swings are smaller, but not hugely so.

Tomorrow we should get the monthly Ipsos MORI/Evening Standard poll, along with the daily YouGov/Sun GB poll. Following the Scottish leaders debates, we’re also expecting a YouGov/Times Scottish poll.

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