Rally Round The Flag

The coronavirus pandemic continues to turn politics on its head, with many incumbent leaders receiving a boost and Boris Johnson a major beneficiary. Our latest polling for Bloomberg, conducted earlier this week, puts his and his government’s satisfaction ratings in the 70s.

The voting intention figures, with changes from the GB election result, are:

CON 54 (+9)
LAB 28 (-5)
LD 7 (-5)
GRN 4 (+1)
SNP 4 (=)
BXP 2 (=)

This is the highest Tory poll share while in government ever, and their biggest lead while office since June 1982. My writeup is now available on the Bloomberg website. Tables are available here.

We hope you are keeping safe and well. Number Cruncher continues to operate normally from the cloud, including polling on the Coronavirus itself.

This week, on behalf of Rebecca Lowe, we tested Brits’ knowledge of the virus and the new measures introduced to tackle it. The news is mostly good – awareness is high. You can read Rebecca’s writeup here.

Number Cruncher interviewed 1,010 GB adults between 24th and 26th March 2020. Responses are weighted by age, gender, education, region and ethnicity to match the profile of the population. Voting intention figures are additionally weighted by likelihood to vote.

Image credit: Arno Mikkor (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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