Shock poll klaxon

GfK is back with a bang… The pollster that used to be GfK-NOP has resumed GB political polling after a dozen years away, with Keiran Pedley now in charge. It’s safe to say that the first poll since their return got some attention.

The notable finding was that Jeremy Corbyn is as unpopular with British adults as Donald Trump is. The opposition leader also has negative net approval mong current Labour voters, and within every other geographic and demographic crossbreak. When people talk about a “shock poll” it’s usually nonsense, but this might be a rare example of that characterisation being justified.

The poll also asked a Brexit right/wrong decision 46-41 for “right”, and voting intention (Tory lead).

In other news, the deadline for forming a new Stormont executive came and went, with no agreement but another rerun of the election essentially ruled out by the Secretary of State. Also, Glen O’Hara demolishes the “it was neck and neck until the ‘coup'” nonsense and Roger Scully uses Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga to explain Welsh devolution…

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