Daily polling roundup 2nd April

What a day! Tonight was the ITV Leaders Debate, and four polls came out showing a mixed (and incredibly close) picture:

We also got three standard voting intention polls, the fieldwork for which was entirely before tonight’s debate. YouGov/Sun again showed the Conservatives a couple of points ahead, with each gaining a point – that matches the 37% Great Britain vote share (the correct comparator for opinion polls) that the Tories won in 2010:

Populus showed Labour two points ahead, as they now have in three of their last four polls:

Panelbase showed a similar picture to their last poll, though interestingly they found the smaller parties slightly higher at the expense of the big two:

Lord Ashcroft also conducted a focus group:

And finally, Moo does Game of Thrones:

Due to the bank holiday weekend, there will be a few changes to the normal polling schedule. As mentioned above, the Friday Populus poll was moved forward to today, and the Monday edition will now be on Tuesday. YouGov don’t normally poll for the Sun on bank holiday Mondays but may do their normal weekend poll for the Sunday Times. Lord Ashcroft will not publish a national poll at all this weekend, but will publish another batch of marginal polls in midweek. The next poll should be Opinium for the Observer on Saturday night.

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