Daily polling roundup 10th April

Today we got two new GB-wide polls. Populus showed virtually no change from Monday – an uptick for the Greens, which might be related to their viral election broadcast… Or it might not.

YouGov showed Labour back in the lead again. This could be part of the move that some other polls have been showing, with yesterday's move in the opposite direction being misleading, but we won't know until we see a few more polls. On balance it seems like things have shifted a bit towards Labour.

We also got a YouGov/Channel4 Poll on Scottish tactical voting, suggesting that (in theory) pro-union tactical voting could cost the SNP 11 seats. I haven't yet taken a look in any great detail, but Peter Kellner's analysis is here.
Tomorrow we’ll get the weekly Opinium/Observer and YouGov/Times polls at a minimum, but as yesterday showed, you never know who might be releasing something!

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