What if the UK takes part in the EU Parliament elections?

As Brexit approaches, one possibility receiving greater and greater attention is that the UK’s departure takes place later than the scheduled 29th March. If that were to happen – and particularly if it led to a delay of several months or more – then UK may have to organise elections to the European Parliament.

If that were to happen, the logical question is how the U.K. might vote. Various views have been expressed on this, but the people we haven’t yet heard from are the voters. Our poll for Politico asked them whether and how they would vote, using a similar methodology to the one we use for national elections.

For more, see the Politico Europe website.

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Number Cruncher interviewed 1,030 UK eligible voters online between 10th and 17th January. Data are weighted by age, gender, education, ethnicity and region to match the profile of the eligible voting population. European Parliament voting intention figures are additionally weighted by likelihood to vote and are for Great Britain only. Image credit: Inkmedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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