Love conquers (almost) all

By an overwhelming majority, Brits think it’s more important for a partner to share their sense of humour than to share their politics. Despite being commonly described as a nation divided, five-in-six (83 per cent) told us they prioritised a shared sense of humour, with only 12 per cent putting political views first.

We also found less of a difference by EU referendum vote than other polling has found, albeit with different questions. Prioritising politics was a bit likelier among Remainers (14 per cent) than Leavers (7 per cent), though neither figure is particularly high.
Love conquers (almost) all... "Which do you think is more important in a partner – that they share your political views or that they share your sense of humour?" Data source: Number Cruncher
A smaller majority (54 per cent) have a positive opinion of Valentine’s Day, with only about a third (34 per cent) having a negative view. People in a relationship (60 per cent positive, 32 per cent negative) were much likelier than those not in a relationship (45 percent to 39 per cent), though the latter still represents a net positive.
Valentine's Day is popular... "How positive or negative is your opinion of...Valentine's Day?" Data source: Number Cruncher
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Number Cruncher interviewed 1,030 UK eligible voters online between 10th and 17th January. Data are weighted by age, gender, education, ethnicity and region to match the profile of the eligible voting population. Image credit: Thang Nguyen (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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