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Britain has become more progressive on racial equality…

Given that a major talking point in political science (and for that matter, politics itself) is the societal division by cultural attitudes. Where do peoples views on efforts to improve racial equality stand, and how have they changed?

Well, they seem to have become more socially liberal since 2015, with more people thinking it needs to go further and fewer thinking the reverse:

British Election Study 2017: More progressive attitudes to racial equality

…but on gender equality, it’s simply become more divided

On gender equality, the trends seems to be towards greater polarisation, rather than in either direction. More now say it needs to go further than in 2015 (though they are still a minority). But at the same time, more feel it’s gone too far:

British Election Study 2017: Attitudes to gender equality have simply become more divided

For those wondering, it’s not simply men going one way and women going another. The same sort of pattern of changes persists even taking into account the respondent’s own gender.

And finally…

It won’t surprise anyone that people more interested in politics are vastly more likely to vote than those who aren’t. But given how big the gap between the two is, an increase in turnout might have been expected to trim it a bit, right?

Wrong. Turnout among the most interested in politics increased even further compared with 2015, but among the least interested, it fell further.

British Election Study 2017: Turnout polarisation by political ineterest?

This obviously merits further investigation, but it’s interesting nonetheless…

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