NCP Asks: What’s your prediction for the Labour leadership?

As the Labour leadership contest draws to a close, NCP asks for your predictions. Markets are pricing in around an 80% chance of a Corbyn victory, but markets – like polls – can get it wrong. Will it be a walkover or a close run thing? Can Cooper or Burnham snatch a shock victory? How will Kendall fare? Time to share your views (not restricted to numbers!)

Photo: Andreas Feletic/SXC

Photo: Andreas Feletic/SXC

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  • Tissue Price

    Hello NCP

    Corbyn 49%
    Burnham 20%
    Cooper 20%
    Kendall 11%

    Corbyn 51%
    Cooper 26%
    Burnham 23%

    And tragically we don’t get to see how Burnham’s “bad bank” pays out.

    • Matt Singh

      Interersting point – I guess they won’t count up the lower order prefs…

  • Martha

    Corbyn 53%
    Burnham 21%
    Cooper 18%
    Kendall 8%

    I might be just a touch biased though to be fair.

    • Matt Singh

      At least you’re honest about it!

  • damian barton

    Hi Matt

    Corbyn 47%

    Burnham 23%

    Cooper 21%

    Kendall 9%

    Given what I seen at the Torbay Mayoral Election this year with the second preferences no take up ( Approx 15%).Add to this the ” can’t stand the other two so I will vote this way just to spite them brigade ” then second round predictions :-

    Corbyn 52%

    Burnham 28%

    Cooper 20%

    Elephant in the room are the £3 members that may make us all look pollsters in the end !!!!!!!!!!



    • Matt Singh

      Interesting… 15% no second prefs is a lot!

      • damian barton

        Yes. But was it through ignorace or spite! Fickle things these voters.